There are many a branches of the gothic subculture. Wanna see which branch you break off of? Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What type of goth are you?
There are many a branches of the gothic subculture. Wanna see which branch you break off of?
personality test

1Out of the types of outfits below, which is you favorite?
Fishnets, safety pins, blue jean vest and plaid skirt/trousers
Fuzzy leg warmers, arm warmers, miniskirt/bondage pants, platforms, gasmask, and goggles
Dark jeans and a regular t-shirt with some sarcastic wording on it. Maybe a chain or collar.
A little dress with a huge petticoat and ribbons/A very classy suit
loose long sleeve and trousers/long skirt (very simple)
Corset, petticoat, heavily pletted/sequined dress, perhaps a veil./ Suit, tophat, and cane.
2You want to dance, what is your music of choice?
Whatever the pianist should play next!
Eh, whatever has a beat. (whatever that means)
J-pop! X3
EMB, electro, ect. I suppose something in direction of Techno and Trance.
I can't really explain it, new wave?
3When did goth start in your opinion?
Well, there have always been darkly inclined individuals throughout history.
I'm going to have to go with the post-punk movemnet in the eighties. BATCAVE! :D
Even goths dress in color so I can't pinpoint when EXACTLY!
I like to think they just kind of showed up out of the blue.
The subculture started in the eighties but techno revolutionalized it!
4What is your favorite era of history?
Victorian, hands down. The only issue then was classes of rich and poor and Jack the Ripper!
The 80's, man!!! You really gotta ask me that question!? *points to Joydivision shirt*
I love the days of cloaks and long hair tied back. Mideval I suppose?
I'm very indifferent. But I guess I'll go with today.
I love the Victorian, but I want to look cute and less hardcore womanly-like... Darn!
5Makeup decisions (even if you are a guy)?
Very eye catching. Some bold eyebrows and defined cheek bones and thick eyeliner.
Eh, pretty casual looking. Little touch-ups here and there, but noting too drastic.
Blood-red lips, so much powder on my skin I look like I'm made of it and eyeliner!
Thin brows, pale face, black and neon colour choices.
Pale face and soft colours like lilac and baby-blue.
I want to appear flawless (or as close as I can get) but want to remain looking natural

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