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Am I A Werewolf Quiz
Find out if you are or aren't a werewolf!
personality test

1When you hear a solid high-pitched noise, you....
Cringe and cover your ears.
Tilt your head and try to find out where it's coming from.
Ignore it. It will go away eventually and you don't really care.
2When you're under the full moon or any moon, you...
Welcome it like a friend, and watch it as it slowly flies through the sky.
Freak out, hide, and pray there are no scary nocturnal creatures out there!
This is the time when I turn into myself, man! I howl and run. Aaaallll niiiight!!!
Dude, it's a moon. What about it.
3When a rabbit or large squirrel runs past, you...
Let it run, but keep an eye for anyone or anything else chasing it.
Chase it around, then attack it wildly. I don't really care about the blood. I will wash up later.
What does this have to do with werewolves?
4When you hear a howl, you...
Howl back, then wait for another response.
Sounds cool...
Freak out and start biting your friends, you freak...
5What's your favorite color?
Black, Brown, and Grey. To match my beautiful fur.
Blood Red
6What is your favorite food?
Chocolate, lots of chocolate.
A light salad with tomatoes and carrots.
Deer, rabbit, and an occasional duck or two. Who cares if it's cooked?
Humans are omnivores. I will eat anything :3
7What do your friends think of you? BE HONEST!
They love me and I love them...
Friends? What Friends? If I had any, I bet they would avoid me...
I don't like to talk about that stuff.... *sniff*
They accept me for who I am!
8Would you be scared if you were stranded?
Uh, are you stupid? I'm a WEREWOLF!!! I spend half my time in tunnels or trees, hunting!
Dude! Don't even bring up the thought! You're already giving me goosebumps..
Don't worry. I will call my buddies with a howl and they will come find me soon! *three days later*
9What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear this word: Werewolf
Scary, furry, blood-thirsty freaks!
Me! :D
Adorable Puppies that walk on their back legs :3
10When a dog starts sniffing your shirt, you...
Sniff it back, but through-up later :P
ask its owner to controll it and walk away.
Awww! Can I pet it??

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