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Are you a Minecraft Super Fan?
Try this quiz and see how you manage the test of Minecraft
trivia quiz

1What does a creeper sound like?
Moo :D
*Sucking Noise*
*arrow noise*
2What do golden apples do?
They give you 2 hunger points
Regenerates your health for 5 seconds and gives you 2 hunger points
They eat you :O
Regenerates Health for 1 min
They give you 5 hunger points
I don't know!
3You spot a Creeper, what do you do?
You must fight back or either run away!
You hug it :)
You have to give it a item to explode.
You wait for it to come near you and blow you up
I don't know!
4How do you use the furnace?
You right click it and place a item on top and place a cooking material on the bottom
1.Right click it 2.Place a ore, food on the top square 3.Place coal,wood,etc on the bottom square
You use a cow to help you :D
Let a creeper do it
I don't know!
5If you were stranded on a island with a friend and limited resources what would you do?
Do nothing but disconnect
Tell your friend a creeper is behind you then kill him
Be lazy and let your friend do all the work
Run around like crazy and drown
Man up and look for a X and dig under it, take down a few wood from the tree or break its leaves
I don't know!
6What do you first do when you start the game on single player?
Wait untill a monster kills you
Find some wood, punch it down, make a shelter, achieve VICTORY!
Search for food
Do nothing till its the night then you get wood
I don't know!
7The Last Question: How deep do you need to be to find diamonds
Really deep
If you want to know how deep you need to find diamonds press the F3 button
When you dig you will find various ores, meaning that for example coal is first then iron then gold.
If you find ores try digging into them and there will be a chance other ores will come
Find lava first then explore around it, if no diamonds, go back and dig deeper
Somewhat, I still don't know

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