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Which of my favorite movie lead characters are you?
Well, which one are you? This is important stuff!
personality test

1Which of these describes you best?
I do odd things that others don`t always understand, but they make complete sense to me. I`m seen as an enigma.
I want to do great things for those around me, to make their lives better. I have a hard time conveying my true feelings and desires though.
I like to make decisions, because I`m usually right in most situations. I do like things my way, but see nothing wrong with that.
I`m pretty naive about some things but I`m naturally curious and want to learn. I can sometimes be easily influenced by friends.
2How would you like to spend an afternoon off from work or school?
Lounging in a pool, blocking out the real world.
Coming up with new and fun ideas and things to do to occupy my time.
Daydreaming about the way things could be.
Figuring out how to get ahead in life and how to get what I want.
3Which of these most closely describes your ideal mate?
Older, mature or exotic members of the opposite sex are very alluring to me.
The misunderstood loner is my best match. No one ever seems to notice him/her, but I do.
I like someone who is very pretty/handsome and also a bit naive doesn`t hurt.
I don`t really think about that right now. There`s no time for such things.
4How do you see your future?
I want a good job, kids, nice spouse and stability.
Ruling the world is my ultimate goal.
Watching life from the sidelines while enjoying a nice retirement.
I want to live my life out with my significant other, always celebrating and enjoying my status as the VIP in town.
5Which of these describes your typical outfit?
Black. I wear lots of black.
I wear pretty standard, mature clothes, but with my own flair thrown in.
I`m a jeans and t-shirt kind of person.
I`m trendy and funky and I look good.

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