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What AC/DC song are you?
If you were an AC/DC song, this is what it would be.
personality test

1Some jerk purposely cuts you off on the freeway. What do you do?
Wonder how people can be so inconsiderate
Mutter some profanity to yourself, then get over it.
Make vulgar hand motions at the car.
Roll down the window and cuss him out.
Ram him!!!!!
Ram him into the curb, get out of your car, pull out a knife, cut his head off.
2You see some other guy / girl kissing your boy/girlfrind! What do you do about it?
Run into a corner and cry your eyes out.
(if you`re a guy) Walk on over, and kiss her harder!
(if you`re a girl) Walk on over, and kiss him harder!
Scream as loud of you can: "GET YOU`RE #$*(&%$#&*@#$ HANDS OFF OF HIM / HER!"
Punch him / her in the face.
(If you`re a guy) Castrate him then and there.
(If you`re a girl) Pull out an earing and stab her repeatedly (you`re a violent critter! O.O )
Hire someone to take out both of `em!
3What`s your idea of a good time?
Sex, drugs, and rock `n` roll.
Practicing pagan rituals
Beating the crap out of people.
(for guys) Pickin` up babes
(for girls) Pickin` up dudes
Performing dangerous stunts
Drag racing
4You`re at a party at your friend`s house, and you`re bored to death. What do you do?
Scream as loud as you can and do some absolutely random dance. That`ll spice things up!
Punch someone in the face for no good reason. I`m just mean, ok?
Get drunk / stoned. I`m such a loser that I can`t have a good time without help!
Find someone to make out with.
Blow up the building.
Jump off the roof. For fun.
Torture you`re friend`s cat.
Bust out your guitar and play some AC/DC!
5(guys only) How long is your hair?
I`m a skinhead.
I`ve got a pretty close buzz
Regular length... why?
I`ve got an emo style haircut, over my eyes
I`ve got kinda long hair.
I`ve got ROCK STAR hair!

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