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Which of my internet stalkers are you?
Some guys just can`t take a hint!! Which one are you most like?
personality test

1Why did you IM me in the first place?
You live near me
You are a stunningly beautiful woman
You`re cute and I make alot of money...I could take you on weekend getaways and all the guys would be jealous
You are so f*cking hot
I was bored.
2What kind of pictures do you have to share with me?
Me with my buddies, or my family
Mostly me in my boxers...I also have some penis shots if you wanna see
Me next to my Porche, me in the Seychelles, me and my horse Golden Nugget
Me in my dorm room in front of my computer, or sitting on the lower bunk
Me with a really hot chick (hoping you think I dated her when, in actuality, she was our waitress at my buddy`s bachelor party)
3What is your job?
Network administrator
I own my own company
I`m a loan officer
I write code all day
I`m a student.
4What was your last relationship like?
I`ve never really had a girlfriend
High school sweethearts, we broke up after graduating from college
I haven`t had a real relationship in like a year, mostly just f*ck buddies.
Since my wife and I got divorced I haven`t had anything real serious, mostly just casual dating
We went out for a couple of months but there was nothing died a natural death
5What`s your idea of a good Saturday afternoon?
Sleeping in, watching sports, maybe having dinner at my favorite sports bar
Going for a sail, bringing along a picnic, good music, good conversation
Waking up next to you and spending the day in bed!
Maybe doing some sightseeing, getting to know you better, possibly dinner and a movie
I usually have to work on Saturdays so a good one is just when I don`t have to work!!

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