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Which cereal are you!?!?!?!
Has all the yummy cereals of all time!!!
personality test

1You just woke up...you brushed your teeth..what is the next thing you do?
You eat breakfast!You have to eat!
Your going to sneak your way into getting the last little bit of last nights cake!
You run out the house quik cuz your about to be late!!
You enjoy your morning and eat when you feel ready to!
You just dont wake up in the morning!
2When your lonely...and nobodys around what do you do?
You go to sleep!
You worry your gonna die becuz of lonelyness!
You eat!Of coarse!
You sneak your way into a party you wasnt invited to!
Your never alone!Everyone loves to be with you!
You call up your bestie and throw a party!
3Your invited to a party and you parents say no...What do you do?
Throw a party of your own!
Eat and then go to sleep!
You wasnt gonna go anyway cuz your afraid of germs and diseases!
You sneak out and go anyway!
Your parentz never say no to a party they alwayz want you out the house!
you cry like a baby and begg them to let you go!
4Sumbody is messing with your best frann...What do you do?
Pretend you never saw it happening and walk away!
Sneak up behind that person at smack the back of their head!
You go crazy on that person for messing with your bestie!
You walk up to that person and hit them in the face with the sandwich you were eating!
You get a stick and beat the h^ll out of him!
you scream for help and get beat up yourself!
Your frann is never getting messed with they help you out!
5Itz after skool(or work)...What do you do?
You go home and take a nice nap!
You never leave your home!
You go to the store and get something to eat!
you sneek back in and get the thing you git taken away back!
you hang out with frannz and chill out for a bit!
6What do you do right before going to bed?
Eat!Of coarse!
sneak to the kitchen and drink some beer!
sleep?You were already sleeping!
You dont sleep you throw a party!
you make sure everything is clean and then says your prayers!
7Did you like my quiz?
It waz amazing!!!
Can i just get my results!So i can go back to sleep!

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