Are you a jealous type?  This quiz will explain all.
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Test Your Jealousy Quotient
Are you a jealous type? This quiz will explain all. Written by Reed Tucker.
personality test

1To your surprise, you land the lead in the school play, much to the dismay of the president of the drama club, who also tried out for the part. You:
Pat her on the back and assure her she’ll get it next time.
Throw your dirty costume into her grill and yell, “Light starch!”
Immediately punch up and log in her latest role as “the loser.”
2You studied all weekend for a math test, and when you get your grade, you discover that your best friend, who hardly ever hits the books, scored better than you. How do you handle it?
. Congratulate her on a job well done and tell her you’ll buy her a soda.
Pop the tires on her bike and leave a note that reads, “Can math help you now?”
Research brain-wiping techniques to make your friend forget everything she knows about fractions
3When you hear your parents praising a sibling, what emotion do you feel?
. Pride. When one member of the family does well, we all do well.
A slow, creeping anger. I can do whatever they did, only better.
I’m suddenly seeing only spots, and I’m starting to sweat, shake, and feel lightheaded
4You’ve secretly had a crush that you never did anything about, but suddenly you find out the guy’s dating your younger sister. What do you do?
. Tell yourself your sister had no idea about your crush and find another guy to date.
Start leaving really lame CDs around your sister’s room in hopes he’ll break up with her.
. Secretly steal your sister’s identity by wearing her clothes, copying her hair then steal her BF
5In any given week, how often would you say you become jealous?
Pretty much never. I’m cool like dat.
Definitely no more than once a twice a day.
How many minutes are there in a week again?
6You show up at the school dance, only to find that your arch rival is wearing the hot dress you really wanted but your parents refused to buy for you. What’s next?
What the big deal? We both look hot.
Surreptitiously affix a fake price tag to the back of her dress that says $9.99.
Keep pointing to the floor so she’ll bend over and everyone will see she`s wearing granny panties
7Even though you’ve started as sweeper on the soccer team for two straight yours, the coach decides to start someone else. You conclude he:
Is just doing his job. Maybe the other girl is playing better right now.
. Must have it in for you.
. Is secretly in love with the other player’s mother and will do anything to win her favor.
8When you take quizzes like this you:
Share your answers and have a laugh with friends.
Keep the answers to yourself for fear that your friends might have scored higher.
. Why are you asking me this, you creep? Who are you going to tell about my score?

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