Not the Zombie apocolypse, not a horde of 5 year olds, but a 100 Megaton Nuclear Bomb. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Could you survive it...
Not the Zombie apocolypse, not a horde of 5 year olds, but a 100 Megaton Nuclear Bomb.
personality test

1BREAKING NEWS!! the President of your nation has put the nation on a State of Emergency, multiple Nuclear Warheads have been spotted and are headed towards your country as we speak!
It's a false alarm.
I had better give a heads up to mom...
Oh no! Everyone, pack up and get in the car!
I've got the keys! *leave immediately*
2A missle is headed just south of you where you have some family located.
I've got to go get them, I can beat the missle!
I need to call them and tell them to leave, just in case they haven't heard.
3You've learned there's little chance for you to escape the blast radius, even when flooring it. What do you do?
Keep driving, there's no time to think.
Try to take a different possibly faster route.
Drive car until you find a building to take refuge in.
Find the nearest ditch / body of water, and take cover in it.
4While driving on the highway, you see dozens of people leaving their cars and filing into a man hole. Some soldiers are there, and there's people waving signs for traffic to come into the man hole.
They're too close to the radius, I must leave.
I am safe underground, aren't I? Yeah!
I already know of a safer bomb bunker further outside the radius.
*Stop and try to convince some of them to get in your car*
5The road that heads straight forth, out of the radius, is lightly blocked off by the military due to severe riots and chaos. They don't look willing to move.
Try to plow through them.
Negotiate with them to let you through.
Take the dirt road to the left, cut back on after you're out of range
Take the dirt road to the left, stick to it
6Your heading into a chaos zone. There are people yelling at you, chasing you, throwing objects at your car, trying to get you to stop for a ride. They don't look friendly / in their right mind.
Stop, let them in.
Drive past them, ignore them.
7Your family from the south earlier calls and says their car has broken down and they need you to go get them. They're about 5 miles back. The missle is about 20 minutes away.
I need to go get my family.
We will all be killed! I can't...
89 Nukes have hit around the US. The sky is black with smoke and red with flames, hundreds of miles away. The bombs are still cooming down and nuclear winter conditions are setting in.
Find the nearest place to get off the road. I cannot drive on ash and snow.
Don't stop driving, wherever this road takes you.
Drive to the nearest city in flames, look for survivors.
9The final bombs have hit. America now reflects a desolate wasteland, and nukes are flying all around the world. As far as you know, your friends, family, everyone is gone. 45 nukes hit the US.
Life alone is meaningless.
Never stop searching for survivors.
Join a group of scavengers.
Join the scattered military forces.

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