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Just take it! It's fun I promise. If you don't like it you can stab me with a harpoon and feed me to the cave dwellers that live in your basement (yes, I know they're there)
personality test

1You're walking through the park and you see a boy in a baby swing with kneepads and a helmet on. Only on closer inspection you see that it's and older man. You...
Laugh histerically, point, and take lots of pictures not caring at all what he thinks
Tthink, 'oh my goodness this is so wrong!' and throw fish at him!
Shout "AH DON'T MOLEST ME!" and call the police. I saw something like this on 'To Catch a Predator'
Feel bad for him. Poor guy. People shouldn't make fun of those types of people.
Join him. You guys talk about Hanz Deiterfinkster and ask for a sandwhich.
2Whilst in the park you come across giant mushrooms, You...
Smush them and stomp on them screaming "F*ck the f*cking smurfs! Mwahaha!
OOO magic mushrooms *eats* Oh my God! What's Curious George doing to that jar of mayonaise?
Grab em and throw em at your friends. This will make an awesome YouTube video if we edit in smurfs!
Think, oh wow, being homeless I haven't eaten for days *chomps*!
AAAAH! Poisonous mushrooms! *Runs* Grandma told me the smurfs would RAPE ME!!
3On the way home from the park you see an old lady bent over gardening. You...
Do nothing. Just look at her and walk on.
Hide. Grandma said to stay away from old women...
Burst into a game of the rape game, screaming rape louder than your friends. Hell she's bent over!
You don't see an old lady. You see a giraffe with a bad case of eczema.
4Ok enough with the situation questions, let's get to the important sh*t. This is a pic of me. Will you hit on me?
OMG YES!! *drools*
No way. Just friends ok?
Ew f*ck no you're mad ugly!
5Ok don't change your last answer, but that question was super important because I'm engaged. This is my fiancee Nick. Do we make a cute couple?
God no! You're both ugly!! EW!
Hehe he'd look better with me..
Mmm Ima so steal you from him...
Aw the cutest! Hugs!!
You guys are cute. I hope you're happy forever together!
6What's your favorite band out of the following?
Glory of This
Eyes Set to Kill
Jeffree Star
All Time Low
EW I hate all of them!
Never even heard of any of them.
7Ok and finally, is your appearance important to you?
Yes, I won't go outside unless my hair and make up is done!
God no what do I care, I'll never be beautiful.
Eh it depends on where I'm going.
Uhm I'm a guy? This doesn't apply to me?
8Wait sorries, one more. Will you actually talk to me if you get a yes?
Eh maybe, maybe not
Eh I have better things to do.
Yes of course. Why else would I take the quiz?

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