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What type of undead are you?
Do you roam the wastes or haunt a shadowy mansion? (Not the most relative questions.)
personality test

1What is your fave color? : D
2The darkness is deepening around you, the sound of skeletons moves your way, what is your final move?
Wait until they come closer. Then hackem to peices.
Run for it, no need to fight a losing battle.
Rush head first into them, hopefully taking most of them down.
Out smart them. They are not the smartest undead ever.
No need to worry, you have your trust shield and sword.
Your faster than they are, nothing to worry about.
3How do you fight when the time comes?
I prefer to get close and personal.
Large weapons. One hit and they are smashed.
No need for weapons, the crack of bones and tendons excites me..
Be sneaky and come from where they least expect it.
Move fast and cut them to peices before they know what happened.
Magic is the way, nothing like turning them to ash..
4There is a village burning in your land, what are you going to do?
It's burning for a reason.....
Speed over there and save the day. The heroic kinda thing.
It's not my concern, there are bigger things at hand.
Fire isn't my friend, nor is it something i want to get closer to.
There's not a thing that can be done, it'll be too late by the time you arrive.
Regrettable but fixable.
5The insanity of the crypts riddles is driving you insane....
It's the is....getting louder...menacingly..
Insanity is the freedom to do things you fear.
The precious..we must have will be ours!
Riddles are sad and easy.
Too bad i already lost it long time ago.
The walls....are speaking...but i can't...speak russian..
6Who is your hero?
King Leoric (diablo)
Diseaserot the dire
Dracula....or Nosferatu.
Heroes are fairy tales.
Kel'Thuzad (Warcraft)
7You get the chance to create your own army, but what kind of army do you make?
An army that will rush in and get the job done with little or no losses.
Let the enemy come to you then beat them down with superior arms.
Get the most beautiful people in the land, the enemy can't fight if they can't stop staring.
An army that can appear when the enemy least expects it. Take them with surprise.
An army of ninja like quickness. Move silently and strike at the opportune time.
Who needs an army? A group of 20 spell casters can be near invincible.
8The wind is dead, the silence is deafening. Something stirs in the dark, but is it your imagination?
It is nothing but the feel of the summer night..
It's the sign that assassins are on the way...perhaps worse.
Don't be so paranoid..
The silence is nothing to fear...noise however can be the enemy.
It is the deep breathe before the storm.
It's a sign...a sign to move the army onward.
9What creature do you favor the most?
The succubus, because looks can kill.
The Stealthy vampires..because they are always watching.
The undead is always the best.
Anything fast and cunning..
Skeletons. Build an army and easily take over.
The adept skeleton casters.

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