Imagine the world is going to end, and there is nothing anyone can do, would you survive til the end or die before it even started to end?  Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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If the world was coming to an end how long would you suvive for?
Imagine the world is going to end, and there is nothing anyone can do, would you survive til the end or die before it even started to end?
personality test

1If you heard that a huge asteroid was going to hit your country in 23 hours and 40 minutes what would be the first thing you do?
Run up and down the street screaming and yelling "We're all gonna die."
Drive the airport and jump on the next plane to wherever is safest.
Go and buy/steal a gun. You want to kill yourself before the asteroid does.
Go to the shop and buy/steal everthing in sight. It might miss you so you need to be prepared.
Get all your friends together and have a party. At least you can have some fun before you die.
2A tsunami is coming! You only have 5 minutes to save some things and escape. What do you take?
Nothing you just stay in your house and wait for it to get you.
You already have an emergency kit with everything you need. You grab it and run.
Your computer, cellphone, mp3 player, psp/nintendo and their chargers.
Food, water, some clothes and you take off!
3In two months time the world will be in total darkness for the next million years. What do you think?
Cool. Night time forever.
I have to get food to last me the rest of my life; Start growing plants now, get my own animals.
Yay no more humans, no more life any more.
I'm going to try invent a time machine!
I have to go to the shop and stock up on food.
4What is in your cupboards right now?
Just the usual, vegetables, bread, pasta, soup.
Nothing but a few chocolate bars, packets of potato chips and candy.
Lots and lots of canned food; you never know when a disaster will cut the electricity out.
Theres some pills in my medicine cabinet. Does that count?
5Would you care if the world was going to end tomorrow?
You probably wouldn't know until you looked outside and noticed things weren't quite right.
Not really, stuff happens...
6How smart are you?
About average
What? I mean no.
Don't know, don't care.
I'm smarter than most people.
The internet says I'm dumb :-(.

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