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Which kitchen utensil are you?
Are you as soft as a spoon? Or as Mean as the knife? Find out here!
personality test

1If you were at work, and someone asked you to make 100 copies each of 42 different papers so they could play online, would you do it?
Yes! Of course
No, I would be the one asking
I would tell him to go do it himself
I would scream in his face and tell him to go away
I would threaten him and say no
2If you walked into someone's house and they were sitting on their couch, eating, watching TV, and drinking beer, Would you figure them like yourself?
No, I wouldn't accept that. I would tell them to get to the gym or i would pound 'em!
I would tell them to get up right that instant!
I would give them a hug and say that they were fine just the way they were
I would think that i was looking at a mirror
I would do what they tell me...
I would scream in his face and make him run 4 laps around the block
3If someone who was ugly, nerdy, and had big glasses was walking down the street, would you have the temptation to beat them up?
No I would give him a hug and say how are you honey?
I would say yeah!
No i would laugh at him!
I would ask him to carry me
4Do you hug everyone and tell good things about them?
No, i'm the only perfect one around here!
Yes everyone is important
Yeah sure! And I saw a purple cow too!
Well I have to make sure everyone is in order so there's no time for that nonsense
I don't know I haven't seen the sun in ten yrs.
5Do you run the whole town?
No I just do what everyone else says
Kinda people are pretty scared of me
Yes everyone does what I want
Well...I am the boss
I make people get chips at the store for me..does that count?

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