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Are you shallow?
This is to find out if you're shallow or not.
personality test

1When looking for a partner, what matters most?
The way they carry themselves
What clothes they are wearing
If they are attractive, and if they are a nice person
2If a person was smokin' hot, but when they talked it made you want to kill yourself..What would your impression of this person be?
That they have a speech problem
I could never think like that about someone!
Who cares how they talk? They just need to look good!
3Imagine you're going on a blind date, what would you do if the person you were meeting was extremely unattractive?
Nothing, sit through the dinner and once it's done, never call them again.
Sit down, enjoy dinner, talk to them...they were nice, maybe even go on a second date?
Blind date? Never, I don't know what they look like, not a chance in hell.
4Does a person's weight effect your outlook of them?
Of course! The bigger the nastier.
Not really, they could just be big boned?
Nope, not at all
5Would you ever date a person just because you wanted to be with someone?
Yeah, like every relationship I've had.
Nope, I couldn't date a person I didn't care about.
Eh, it depends..If they are a decent person I probably could.
6Say you dress preppy, but you like someone who dresses completely different from you..Would that effect your decision on dating them?
Not really, I mean...I would prefer if they dressed preppy, but I don't care.
Not at all, they could wear overalls and I wouldn't care.
Yes, they might be hot and a great person...but I can't date them.
7Does the amount of money a person makes effect you?
Um yeah, I can't date a person who can't afford to pay for everything.
Not really...income is income
Kinda...I can't be paying for everything.

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