Which character are you from Final Fanjtasy 7?  The Great Sephiroth or cloud Strife?  And, don't take this too seriouslly. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Who Are You? Sephiroth, or Cloud Strife?
Which character are you from Final Fanjtasy 7? The Great Sephiroth or cloud Strife? And, don't take this too seriouslly.
personality test

1Which of the two characters do you prefer and why?
Sephiroth, because he is powerful and strong.
Sephiroth, becasue he has a tragic past and I can relate to that.
Cloud, because he's a good guy.
Cloud because he has a wicked sword and always wins.
2What where you like as a child?
I was an outcast, nobody liked me.
I wasn't and outcast, I was just a loner.
I never really had friends, for some reason I always felt different from the other children...
It was and O.k. child hood, nothing special.
3Your thoughts on love?
Who needs it?
Love is for the weaker people.
It doesn't sound too bad.
4What would your theme song be out of these songs? (i tried to pick songs that most people would know)
Sleep by My chemical Romance
Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
Loser by Beck
Welcome to the Black Parade by MCR
Jeremy by Pearl Jam
5What is your personal style and why?
Gothic horror looking, lonkg cloaks, and all black
Just plane looking, pants, tank top and boots. want to blend in.
Dark loking, but not too suspiciouse, usually with long hair.
Warrior looking attire. You can tell just by looking at me that I know hoe to fight.
6Who are/were your friends?
My friends are a rebel group from Midgar.
Friends? My only friend is mother.
I have a few good friends that include a flower merchant.
I was never one for friends, my ony companions were my SOLDIER team mates.
7Describe your self in one word.
Crazy in a bad way.
8Final Question: Who do you think you will get?
I know I'll get Cloud.
I know I'll get sephiroth
I'm not sure, but I'm leaning towards the dark side.
Leaning towards Cloud.
I'm not sure, maybe if there was a Sephiroth, Cloud hybrid.

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