Would you be reincarnated as Numbuh 1, Numbuh 2, Numbuh 3, Numbuh 4 or Numbuh 5? Fill this quiz and find out. Also, please suggest ideas for more questions/answers including answers for characters such as Numbuh 362, Tommy, Chad, The Kid, etc. and they may be added to the quiz. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which Codename: Kids Next Door Character Would You Be Reincarnated as?
Would you be reincarnated as Numbuh 1, Numbuh 2, Numbuh 3, Numbuh 4 or Numbuh 5? Fill this quiz and find out. Also, please suggest ideas for more questions/answers including answers for characters suc (more)
personality test

1Welcome to the afterlife.
No way!
Yay! This'll be so fun!
I won't cry...I'm a man! Still a boy, but a man irregardless!
(your numbuh here) could get used to this place!
2Change of plans, You get a second chance at life.
Yeah! This'll kick butt!
Awww, but...hooray!
Yes! Who's the man?!
Oh well. Can go either way.
3Keep in mind, once reincarnated, you won't remember a thing from your past life. Are you willing to accept that?
Agreed. Most accepted.
Aw, man. Will I at least remember any of my jokes or aircraft designs?
Okey dokey artichoky!
Ah, what do I need to remember anything for?!
You bet, baby!
4*you see your self's new reflection*
Who am I...?
*looks in awe*
Ooo! A new friend! Why's she copying me?!
Grrr...You talkin' to me, mate?
Nice hat.
5Now that your new life is in order. You will...
Suddenly be busy.
Have a need to...design aircrafts!
Play! Have fun!
Practice some...what's it called? Wrestling moves!
Relax with a good magazine.
6After adapting for a while, you find you're good at?
Leading a mission.
Flying an aircraft.
Keeping a positive attitude!
Putting punks in their places!
Keeping a levelheaded mind.
7Which of the following most appeals to you?
Missions! Hello?! Missions are fun!
A good joke book!
My collection of (insert toy line here)
Action movies, action moves, rock music, you name it, mate!
Candy. 'Nuff said, baby.
8You have been introduced to movies. What genre most appeals to you?
Anything that ain't uncool!
9How about music?
British Rock
Hip Hop
10Select the word you think describes you best?
Smart (but funny)
11Which of the edible substances sounds good right now?
The Birthday Cake of my team's enemies!
Chili Dog!
Chicken Nuggets
12How do you find yourself making friends?
I'm very well-received for my leadership and heroics against adult tyranny.
I crack a few jokes and boom, instant friends.
I'm friendly to everyone!
Not bad, mate. Friends need someone they can look up to.
Child, friends make me!
13How do you feel about attending a party?
As long as there's no adults!
Will there be a buffet?
Party! Party, party, party...!
Better not be one of those cruddy baby parties!
I'll be there, baby!
14How do you want to start over with this new life?
As competent and focused as ever.
Come up with jokes guaranteed to make people laugh.
Like my previous life with lots of fun and joy!
Really sock it to big, cruddy doofuses of adults!
See that my sister never teams up with the enemy!
15What's one flaw you'd like to change about yourself?
I guess...loosen up every now and then.
Hold back on my ego.
I could be more serious.
Actually educate myself.
Child, I'm flawless!
16Thoughts on teasing?
Sometimes jeer, Sometimes jeered
From time to time, but you can never go wrong with jokes.
Sometimes, but it can be so mean.
Sometimes. I just wish my friends wouldn't tease me about...it ain't important!
Only if it's the right moment, child.
17What is your country/continent of origin? (If none of them below, choose the one closest to yours)
18Time to attend school. You might be..?
Spying on the teachers should they be up to anything.
Looking forward to lunch!
Coloring/Drawing while the teacher talks and talks
Digging my escape tunnel.
Just chillin' at my desk.
19What sounds like a good gift?
A most beneficial 2x4 technology weapon.
A new aircraft for both fun AND business!
A new (insert toy line brand variation here)
A new punching bag. Something to practice on my combat skills! Yah!
Just candy and a magazine'll do (insert name here) fine.
20You have recently discovered dreams, what might this dream have been about?
That I lived in a world with no adults and was awarded for my skills & bravery against adult tyranny
That my crush/babysitter dumped me and every other kid into a whirlpool!
Scary at first, but then it was fun! And then...sort of weird.
That my dream girl asked me out.
The friend I failed to protect a long time ago.
21Speed dating time
I had someone, but...we broke up.
Oh, I've found my future partner. One day, we WILL be an item.
I do like someone, I just wish they'd show they like me too.
What do I care about love for anyways, mate?!
(insert name here) isn't really lookin' for anybody at the moment.
22You have been placed in a group of others to fight adult tyranny. Your position is most likely...
2x4 Technology Officer
Diversionary Tactics Expert
Hand-to-Hand Combat Expert
23A day at the beach! You might be...
Seeing if any tasks require my services.
Tubin' in the water.
Building a sand castle.
Being buried in the sand.
Chillin' with a magazine workin' on my tan.
24Snow Day! You might be...
Spending it with my girlfriend whether I'm sick or not!
Sledding! Yee-haw!
Building a Snow model based on my favorite toy!
Engaging in a snowball fight-no, snowball war!
Having fun knowing I worked hard all year at school for this day off.
25Looks like you're well settled. Farewell.
Thank you. End transmission.
Gotta fly! *flies away in robotic fly suit*
Bye! I love you!
See ya around, mate.
*tips hat and walks away*

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