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Going out with Rarity (Simulation)
Would you and Rarity from MLP:FIM be a compatible match?
personality test

1Rarity: Ah, darling. It's ever so nice to meet and make your acquaintance!
Greetings, Rarity. I hope my introduction is up to your high class standards.
Hi, Rarity. Nice to meet you.
2Rarity: I hope to expect a Gentlecolt from you by time our night out is complete. Is that understood?
Indeed, I intend to. Hope you're ready for a night you'll not soon forget.
Yes. I will try.
Whatever. Let's get this over with.
3Rarity: Care for me to model what have in mind for our glorious evening?
Anything for you, Rarity.
Depends. I may need to have a say in what I wear.
Skip the modeling! Let's go already!
4Rarity: Where shall we attend this fabulous night, darling?
I propose a night of shopping, a dinner at the finest restaurant and a fashion show!
Movie and dinner? That's just off the top of my head.
5Rarity: What do you find to be my if not MANY of my best attributes?
Your beauty, generous nature, your personality, your vocabulary, everything!
To be honest...you sometimes come off as...greedy...aside from that, you have many great attributes.
What best attributes?
6Rarity: If we worked together, what position do you see yourself assisting me in?
Designing and knitting of course. And if needed, I WILL model for you.
I'd TRY to come up with a design and maybe fetch you whatever materials you need.
If you need me for whatever, I'll be napping wherever...
7Rarity: How would you keep a lady pleased?
Any and all that a Gentlecolt does! It's balderdash to treat a lady like a common pet!
Being as nice as I can be of course.
How should I have any idea?!
8Rarity: Do you always use your best manners?
Absolutely. It'd be a crime otherwise.
I don't have the "best" per say, but not the worst.
Manners, Schmanners! Who needs 'em?!
9Rarity: Do you keep your entire house clean and perfect?
Yes! If I see just one thing that's dirty, it's in me to tend to it!
I clean when needed and that's every now and then.
Cleaning's a waste of time! It'll just get dirty again anyway!
10Rarity: How do you feel about fashion?
Fashion is my energy source! Care to see what I have planned for you?
Don't care much for it to be honest.
Fashion's lame!
11Rarity: Your thoughts on gems?
How can anypony not be amazed by their glisten and shine!?
They're pretty cool. Wouldn't say I have a thing for 'em though.
Who needs gems when you could have gold?!
12Rarity: Well, that's the end of our night out.
I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. *leans in and kisses you* Fare thee well, my darling.
It was...interesting to say the least...*hugs you unintentionally ruining your mane...but not much*
Finally! I'm glad it's over! *storms off*

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