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Which Doctor Who companion are you
David Tennit and Matt Smith only
personality test

1The doctor disappears! You...?
Find that man right away!!
Find out some things about the place and people!
You'll find the man later! This person needs some help...
Get a good look around then find that crazy man!!
Find the doctor later. Save a couple people. Maybe even learn a couple new things. Now find the doctor
2Somebody needs some help but the doctor doesn't notice them. You..?
Grab the doctor and tell hem to help the person
Grab the doctor and help the person together
Wonder off and help the person. Might even learn something new!
3Adventure is over. You're in the TARDIS with the doctor... You?
Call your mum and tell her everything is ok
Run around the TARDIS with the doctor... Duh
Grab some tea and talk about the next place we are going to
Chill out somewhere... There's got to be a place to sit!!
Talk about the adventure making sure you got everything right. Also making sure the doctor is ok.
4It's the end of everything. Doctor is leaving for good... You?
Say your good byes. You did get a clone of him. Good enough?
You leave before. You're smart enough to know he doesn't need you.
He can't let you remember him for your safety. But you hope to never forget his face.
Whatever! He's coming next Wednesday to pick me up!
At least I have Rory. I'll miss my raggy man!
5You can't see the doctor. But you keep your regular life.. You?
Join TorchWood. They got the smarts. It's like being with the doctor
You can't remember so you just live life as it was
It's like being with him everyday but his clone isn't the same
Rory and I continue life as it was but I miss the adventure and my baby
I've saved the doctor so many times. I guess I can continue being a nanny the kids will miss him.

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