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Are you saddened by the death of Jonathan Brandis?

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18 yrs ago - Wednesday 9/15/04 - 3:10:10 PM EST (GMT-5)
Who is it?
18 yrs ago - Saturday 10/2/04 - 11:27:36 AM EST (GMT-5)
I was devastated when I heard, and I'm still sad about it. I never saw much with him in, a few episodes of SeaQuest (was that it?) and IT, but from what I saw he was a great actor even as a kid.
And clearly gorgeous
18 yrs ago - Saturday 10/2/04 - 11:54:48 AM EST (GMT-5)
Oh, yes! I had the biggest crush on him when I was little
18 yrs ago - Saturday 10/2/04 - 8:41:12 PM EST (GMT-5)
It saddens me a little that he died, the same way i saddens me when someone who had a lot of things going for him dies. But what I find really upsetting was that he committed suicide. Because even through his acting career he wasn't happy at all, obviously and its kind of sad to think that in these appearances he made on TV, he wasn't really happy doing all of it. There was some underlying self-torture.
17 yrs ago, 11 mos ago - Wednesday 10/20/04 - 1:15:42 AM EST (GMT-5)
He died? No way I remember growing up my sister had posters of him all over her wall.
17 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Monday 11/8/04 - 10:00:35 PM EST (GMT-5)
Who the hell is Jonathan Brandis?!
17 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Monday 11/15/04 - 9:15:23 AM EST (GMT-5)
yes i do believe it is sad
15 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Tuesday 12/12/06 - 4:40:15 PM EST (GMT-5)
i dont know who that is :/
15 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Tuesday 12/12/06 - 4:50:56 PM EST (GMT-5)
Who is Jonathan Brandis?
15 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Tuesday 12/12/06 - 5:10:33 PM EST (GMT-5)
I didn't even know until now. I remember him in SeaQuest with the dolphins. Poor guy.
15 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Tuesday 2/27/07 - 10:18:15 PM EST (GMT-5)
That is sad, but death is a reality check for a lot of people.
15 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Tuesday 2/27/07 - 10:19:57 PM EST (GMT-5)
I loved him.
I was sad when I heard about it, yeah.
15 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Wednesday 2/28/07 - 11:45:19 AM EST (GMT-5)
Didn't he play in Boy meets world or something like that? I didn't even know he died.
15 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Wednesday 2/28/07 - 11:48:59 AM EST (GMT-5)
Didn't know who he was until I just wikied him and I didn't know he offed himself. It's always sad when someone takes their live though.

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