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Should assisted suicide be made legal?
Assuming it isn't already legal in your country or state.

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1 yr ago, 3 mos ago - Friday 4/17/20 - 2:12:12 AM EST (GMT-5)
Ummmm... Am I the only one here with depression that started crying while reading the convo. And ironically in a sad way "All of Me" just started playing a minute ago and the part that says
"My heads underwater but im breathing fine," started playing while I was crying. And I've also been abused almost my whole life and I've thought thoughts like that all the time and still do. I just really don't want to see a therapist so the people that ive told irI I trust. If its online I don't care cause i don't know you irl
9 months ago - Wednesday 10/28/20 - 5:15:46 PM EST (GMT-5)
Yes but I don't trust doctors

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