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World Conquest
Online version of Risk
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17 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Sunday 7/4/04 - 2:37:19 PM EST (GMT-5)
Online version of Risk Good times!!
17 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Monday 7/5/04 - 6:27:22 PM EST (GMT-5)
my hubby loves this.
17 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Monday 7/5/04 - 9:59:34 PM EST (GMT-5)
Too simple.
17 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Wednesday 7/14/04 - 11:18:34 PM EST (GMT-5)
It's interesting, but too easy.
17 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Saturday 10/9/04 - 5:56:28 PM EST (GMT-5)
Thanks a lot... Now I'm addicted to this game. Although you're right, it is a bit too easy...
17 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Saturday 10/9/04 - 6:44:00 PM EST (GMT-5)
change the options to make it harder for yourself to win..
17 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Saturday 10/9/04 - 11:58:34 PM EST (GMT-5)
This took an hour and a half...

(all the countries have 99+'s on them. I kicked the computer's ass)

17 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Sunday 10/10/04 - 12:01:25 AM EST (GMT-5)
except eastern north america
17 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Sunday 10/10/04 - 12:03:04 AM EST (GMT-5)
oh... missed one
17 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Sunday 10/10/04 - 12:09:49 AM EST (GMT-5)
17 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Sunday 10/10/04 - 10:44:30 AM EST (GMT-5)
This is so addicting!!
17 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Sunday 10/10/04 - 2:04:55 PM EST (GMT-5)
this is addicting, but I am not sure how to win...
16 yrs ago - Saturday 5/13/06 - 12:57:32 PM EST (GMT-5)
In the first few turns, use most of your armies for defense, and only attack 1 or 2 countries. This will encourage the other players to attack weaker countries (rather than you). Be certain to win at least one country each turn, so you will get the all-important Bonus Card for that turn. Turn in your Bonus Cards when you can, to get extra armies. Occupy and hold an entire continent, and you will get bonus armies EACH TURN for holding that continent. Australia is easiest to hold, then South America, then Africa. Don't let your opponents occupy an entire continent, or the game is lost. When an opponent is down to just a few countries, try to be the one to wipe them out, so you will inherit their Bonus Cards (more armies!). With these strategies you will win almost every time, even at the highest difficulty settings. Tired of clicking 30 times to place 30 armies? Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking!
15 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Friday 6/30/06 - 10:26:26 PM EST (GMT-5)
thank you ^belespri^ this game is totally fun, but i was killing my finger transfering a million pieces. i figured there had to be an easier way. I LOVE risk, haven't played it in yefars though

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