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If Michael Jackson approached you and asked you to re-record one of his songs, with you as the singer, would you accept? 39 skarlatha bluedaisy11 5 mos ago
Have you gotten your COVID vaccine? - First one not second yet. ... 27 WobblyCat bookworm0812 5 mos ago
Now that Mister Trump is in charge, which newfound freedom will YOU take advantage of? 26 QueenBurns radioturk 6 mos ago
Do you have a Nalgene® bottle? - Yes, I like backpacking, and having... 32 exobyte Mat 6 mos ago
Which do you think is the better musical: Grease or West Side Story? - De... 60 KikiPeepers CowDung 6 mos ago
Do you poison pigeons in the park? - All the f*cking time. I`m having a ... 28 captaintito bluedaisy11 7 mos ago
Do you follow the half your age plus seven rule? - I wouldn`t date a 16 y... 75 GeekyPenguin jealousblues 7 mos ago
Do you find it easy to accept help when you need it? - No. I don`t like a... 4 WobblyCat Wanderer 7 mos ago
Have you been addicted to a person? - Yes. I obsessively stalk them onlin... 24 Smelly_Queef bookworm0812 8 mos ago
Do you think professional baseball as we know it, will exsist in 20 years? 24 Nahtee Inquizitor2 8 mos ago
Would you like to know the exact date of your death? - Absolutely f*cking... 3 amaqdrinker Inquizitor2 9 mos ago
Do you prefer to log in to a site, or connect your Facebook account with it? 11 Electric WobblyCat 9 mos ago
Were you alive when John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated? - Not even ... 4 KotoKlepto Inquizitor2 10 mos ago
What is more frequent for you, owing taxes or getting a tax refund? - Abo... 6 snarf Inquizitor2 10 mos ago
Are you in control of your own destiny? - I am the leg and the dairy and ... 14 Electric amaqdrinker 10 mos ago
Have you tried silent disco? - That sounds ridiculous. I looked up what ... 4 bookworm0812 Mat 10 mos ago
Do you live within an hour's drive of the border of your current time zone? 11 CowDung bookworm0812 10 mos ago
Is there a good story behind your avy? - A few years ago Google said uplo... 32 snarf bookworm0812 10 mos ago
Have you ever spent more than $100 on a single food or drink item? - Food... 10 snarf bookworm0812 10 mos ago
Do you think Earth be habitable for humans in the year 2200? - Population... 12 KotoKlepto bookworm0812 10 mos ago
Do you sleep better in a warm room or a cool room? - Good ... 12 Dadyy bookworm0812 10 mos ago
Do you think that grammer is as important as spelling is, and proper punctuation. too? 5 snowbdr88 bookworm0812 10 mos ago
Do you live within a mile of a grocery store? - I think so. Or at least ... 1 bookworm0812 bookworm0812 10 mos ago
Have you ever been more than 500 feet underwater? - Not unless the Englis... 4 buddy bookworm0812 10 mos ago
Do you want to be famous? - Not at all. I want to live a life of anonymi... 27 HaroldtheBat bookworm0812 10 mos ago

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