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Do you hate cigarettes? - No but really. How significantly has one... 15 amaqdrinker DaveW 2 days ago
Do you think youthink should die? - I come back every year or so and am a... 15 Oblivious H3LLRAISER 9 days ago
Would you adopt a pet that will probably outlive you? - Not talking about... 8 Abzurd bluedaisy11 11 days ago
Did Donald Trump commit insurrection with his speech on January 6, 2021? 103 Emillyy camelboy 14 days ago
Would you date someone you met on YT? - depends... ... 48 stratavar CowDung 16 days ago
If homosexuality were a car, would it be a Prius? - EYEM BOARD ... 20 bgraham23 bluedaisy11 21 days ago
Are you offended by the phrase ''Let's Go Brandon''? - Uh… What ... 12 kittenquiz bluedaisy11 21 days ago
Is it posible to be both a religious person and a free thinker? - I don`... 6 travbowman bluedaisy11 21 days ago
What does your money do? - I think the words are *jingle jingle* ya know ... 1 Emillyy Emillyy 22 days ago
Should the clock have been shifted 6 hours when it was designed, so that dawn occurs at approximately 12:00 and each hour corresponds to an hour of daylight? 28 HaroldtheBat Mat 1 mo ago
Would you vote for Joe Biden in 2024? - I think before saying yes or no, ... 18 snowbdr88 Inquizitor2 2 mos ago
Is pandora a good source of classical music? - I don`t like it. Sometimes... 6 orangefanta amaqdrinker 3 mos ago
Do mismatched socks annoy you? - I hate mismatched socks. I will sit t... 26 Puller amaqdrinker 3 mos ago
Do you think Canada should make it illegal for US citizens going to / coming from Alaska to carry prohibited (in Canada) firearms ? 12 Abzurd amaqdrinker 3 mos ago
Do you like Coldplay? - I like them. I loved their older album, X & Y, an... 18 Tartarus88 amaqdrinker 3 mos ago
Sweet or salted popcorn? - I hate salted, and I`m British... 89 taffyamy Iluvkoth2 3 mos ago
Are you surprised at how poorly Rudy Giuliani is doing in the primaries? 21 Oblivious Iluvkoth2 3 mos ago
Have you ever played Mario Kart? - yes, i`ve played the N64 version, the ... 41 DragonWisprz Iluvkoth2 3 mos ago
Are white people beautiful? - Sometimes. Generally speaking, though, peo... 35 HaroldtheBat Iluvkoth2 3 mos ago
Do you like red lipstick? - Not all women can pull it off, but it can loo... 14 LegalizeIt Iluvkoth2 3 mos ago
Are your parent(s) on Facebook? - My mother has it and yes I`m friends wi... 36 doligurl Iluvkoth2 3 mos ago
Do you think your IQ is above 130? - Took an IQ test today, it was 124. C... 214 kirschy22 Iluvkoth2 3 mos ago
Do you have a diagnosis? - As most of you know, I have. ... 19 sander Iluvkoth2 3 mos ago
Was Colonel Sanders a racist? - yeah, he looks just like the typical sout... 31 digglyfiggly Iluvkoth2 3 mos ago
Which website is better: Wikipedia or IMDb? - For information specific to... 9 travbowman Iluvkoth2 3 mos ago

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