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The Supreme Court rules Yeshiva University must recognize student LGBTQ group for now 152 CowDung Kepi 1 hr ago
Disney casts black actress to play lead in the Little Mermaid - Parents ... 22 Noldor Boredofu 3 hrs ago
Ukraine - Cornered by war, Putin makes another nuclear threat In ... 25 Noldor Boredofu 2 days ago
Another mass killing... - ``Canada stabbing attack kills 10, wounds 15 in... 100 CowDung Kepi 7 days ago
The Queen is Dead - Britain`s Queen Elizabeth is dead - Buckingham Palace... 17 Noldor Boredofu 9 days ago
Good news everyone, the Pandemic is over! - ``President Joe Biden said he... 6 CowDung Kepi 11 days ago
Adnan Syed is released after his conviction is vacated - ``A Baltimore ju... 4 CowDung CowDung 12 days ago
Trump... Maybe arrested today? - [link] but it`s well informed speculat... 1 Kepi Kepi 19 days ago
Republicans try to block States from placing abortion rights on November ballet and fail. 10 Atia Kepi 20 days ago
Mar A Lago got raided. - [link] ... 35 Kepi Kepi 24 days ago
Steve Bannon's Nazi ass is going to jail. - [link] Search and seiz... 515 Kepi Kepi 24 days ago
White House refuses to say who will pay for Biden $500,000,000,000 student loan handout 25 Noldor Kepi 24 days ago
They're Sending Dennis Rodman in to negotiate for Britney Griner's release. 17 Kepi amaqdrinker 1 mo ago
After court ruling, activists push prayer into schools - A Michigan super... 91 Atia Kepi 1 mo ago
Author Salman Rushdie attacked in New York - Salman Rushdie, whose writin... 3 amaqdrinker Noldor 1 mo ago
Recession - US economy shrinks in second quarter, signaling unofficial st... 128 Noldor Kepi 1 mo ago
Serena Williams announces she will 'evolve away from tennis' after upcoming US Open 5 CowDung jealousblues 1 mo ago
Shinzo Abe: Japan ex-leader assassinated while giving speech - ``Japan`s ... 6 CowDung jealousblues 1 mo ago
Hero civilian shoots, kills Indiana mall gunman - The alleged gunman, 20,... 35 Noldor jealousblues 1 mo ago
Kansas voters turned out in huge numbers defeat anti-abortion amendment. 9 Atia Kepi 1 mo ago

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