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From the Journal of 1-800vertigo | mood: Cautious

I still want to buy a gamecube

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19 days ago - Sunday 5/30/21 - 2:50:05 AM EST (GMT-5)
I wish you were a young man again so I could forgive more of your sins. Maybe we'd talk it over and the living room rug would lay flat. I do this most often with myself. I think about just being in my old room watching over my younger self, like the thought of my own presence being with me has become very comforting. Bought more fudge pops, started playing puzzle games like crazy again, need to plan more in the slides, also html???? going to listen to the memorial day weekend Phil handrie bit about the some guy buying beans and drowning in a corn tortilla night mare, i want more phone charms but where would I put them? Lips are chapped. Need to put aloe on. Need to stop rewatching Daira and Bobs Burgers. Wanna go to the speedway again with my friends. My fish tank is clear after many months of it not being, gave in and bought algae killer cause none of the other methods were working.
19 days ago - Sunday 5/30/21 - 2:56:02 AM EST (GMT-5)
My fish are absolutely just livin it up going through rainbow lane and clam city. I think fish always fascinated me because people are less attached to them as animals compared to dogs or cats but they are also one of the most common pets. They can't smile or wag their fins at us when we do something they like. We cant personify them and so they are unsettling in a way. We cant hold them either. They swim and they eat and they poo and rest. Just that's it. They are perfect and pure and I think catholic men should try to have sex with fish instead of young girls because they have what they are looking for.
19 days ago - Sunday 5/30/21 - 1:37:26 PM EST (GMT-5)
For phone charms, I was thinking of getting a headphone adapter and just wrapping them around that? Like its a bit whacky but i think its better than just like...hot gluing them on?

Also love ur fish tank
19 days ago - Sunday 5/30/21 - 4:33:35 PM EST (GMT-5)
Thats actually a good idea because you can take it off without having to unite it. I feel like any time I leave a phone charm on while its in my pocket or purse the chance of it breaking is like 50%

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