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The FNAF returns!
You might wanna read my first article to understand this....

(A year later) I return to the place, I walk inside, its dark, as normal, this time, darker, I start walking down the Dark, Dark, Dark hallway, Then that voice, I studied this... its my mind, or is it? I see the red eyes again, But this time, they arn't red, their pink, could this be girl Chica? No, maybe girl Foxy, or maybe Funtime........ It starts coming closer, but, I grab my flash light and turn it on and point it at the thing, it freezes in its tracks, I take a long look, it's Funtime.....No wait, its a duck, Funtimes not a duck, that means its girl Chica.... Oh no, I say to myself and I start to run back to the "escape door" again. this time I hear screeching "I-I-I-I-I-I'TS-S-S-S ME!" I get spooked, but then I remember, oh no, Girl Chica! I look behind me, girl Chica 5 inches away from me. I back up, Bonnie grabs me. Chica gets really close. I then shine a light on bonnie and chica.....

CleifHanger! read my next article to find out what happens! my next article is called "The escape from FNAF"

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