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Modern Fiminism is no Feminism
A personal look on why the concept of feminism has been ruined by our society

Feminism- noun- The advocacy of woman's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economical equality to men.

This is the official definition of Feminism, the simple idea of gender equality. Here's what modern "feminists" perceive that as:

Feminism- noun- To fight for superiority above men.

Cue the insults, but it's true. You all have ruined feminism quite possibly forever. I'm as liberal as anyone else, I view myself as a feminist, I threw a party for the fair pay act being signed, but I also want to cry when I see hash-tags like End Fathers Day on twitter. If you aren't familiar with that, some people on 4-Chan started that hash-tag as a joke, and modern feminists took this as a legitimate movement. Tweets ranged from blaming fathers as the only child abusers to being purely rapists (Clearly they aren't familiar with Dave Pelzer).

again, I want to emphasize this, I am a male feminist, I hate those men's rights groups, and all for gender equality, but modern feminism isn't about equality, it's about superiority. A strong feminist in the latter half of the 20th century as gone on record calling modern feminism a "joke" and it is.

By just tweeting to end father's day and calling all men pigs, rapists, and child abusers, is the exact opposite of equality, it's superiority.

it pains me to say that maybe women's rights is father away than expected, I get a lot of grief for this belief, but it might be true. If you check out multiple blogs and article regarding feminism, they mention how awful it is that they lack equality, something of which I agree. They do mention all the memes mocking feminism and the attacks on it. Why exactly? Because the term feminazi starts to make more sense. They believe that instead of making the world a better place by helping others out, they'll make it a better place going after personal goals.

A recent "tumblr" blog is what we need, and it's called Women Against Feminism. RYOT.com freaked out over this and viewed it as a legitmate attack on the belief, what thye failed to notice that it's an attack on the modern femism fight for superiority.

Feminism isn't about taking away men's rights or blaming instances on just men, feminism is about fair pay and equal rights. If you can't see that, women will lack equal rights for a long time.

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