This article is aboutthe diffent roles that men and women have in El Salvador. Article Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Men and Women´s Roles in El Salvador
This article is aboutthe diffent roles that men and women have in El Salvador.

Men and Women´s Roles in El Salvador

Even though men and women roles in El Salvador differ because of its society, they have some similarities such as, hardworking and perseverant. First, men and women work hard as they fight every day for having the necessary things for their families, like food, clothes, housing, and so on. Furthermore, they are perseverant because no matter if people tell them that they cannot do it; they fight for doing the best and for obtaining what they want. Also, men and women of El Salvador are dreamers, for they work hard in order to achieve their goals. Men and women of El Salvador are also similar in the way that both of them are considered to be outstanding parents.

On the other hand, men and women have different stereotypes in their society that make them different. For instance, in El Salvador men are considered to be more intelligent than women that mean that men possess the best positions in their jobs. Also, in El Salvador women are prepared to be house keeper and the men to be the head of the house. In other words, women only have to stay at home and take care of the babies and do the house chores. Another, difference in men and women roles is that women are the weak sex. In contrast, men are considered to be dominant. This means that they have de control of everything, and women only have to obey them. Men in El Salvador are the ones who create the rules of the house, so women have to obey what they said. That means that men don’t care about women´s opinions. Men always have the reason in everything. Furthermore, women of El Salvador are submissive; on the contrary, men are authoritarian. As it is said before men have the control over women; as a result, men and women in El Salvador are remarkable stereotype in their roles.

In brief, men and women play different roles in El Salvador according to their society, but both of them possess some qualities that make them similar in their society. So, those differences and similarities make men and women o El Salvador unique and especial.

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