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If I Disappear.. will anyone notice?
Disappearing. Invisible. Ghost. Nothing.

If I were to be nowhere, no one will be able to find out my location.

If I were to be a ghost, I can go around floating in the surface of Earth. No

one will be able to see me. I'll be all alone.

If I was invisible, I'll have no one to talk to. I can scare people, but that'll be no fun.

If I wasn't born, I wouldn't be able to make such great friends. I wouldn't be able see my siblings grow up.

If I was told to leave, I'd run. I wouldn't be able to run far enough, but I'll still be alone. I'll be a loner.

If I was nothing, I wouldn't be able to speak to anybody. I can't be anything here. I'd just be nothing.

If I was a sacrifice, I'd give up my life for whatever reason it was.

If I vanish out of thin air, my friends won't be able to know what had happened to me.

If I were to disappear, no one would seem to notice.

If I were to be gone, not a single life form will care.

If I were to disappear... will someone notice me. Will anyone care for me?

Will anyone notice?

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