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Rules of Conduct
What you are not allowed to do on YouThink.com.

The rules of YT can be broken down into four categories: FYI, no warning; Regular warning; Automatic bans; and Permanent bans. The following is a list of each rule and which category it falls into.


(these threads get removed, but the PM to the user does not constitute an actual warning. However, repeated violations of the same rule by the same person will make it a warning that counts).

• Threads posted in the wrong forum. This includes bashing of newbies in the newbie forum. There is no room for bashing them there. That forum is designed to help.

• Posting a second thread about the same topic as a recently added thread.

• Asking for game keys or illegal downloads, or posting game keys or illegal download links.


(3 of these in a 30-day period equals a month-long ban)

• Spam - Including, but not limited to: counting threads, advertising, unsolicited PMs to many members at once, saying "first post!", talking to yourself in a public thread (using your own name or alters).

• Repeatedly or excessively quoting without adding anything, or using the quote feature of YT to spam or disrupt conversations.

• Forum flooding (this is the intentional posting of several posts at a time, meant to interrupt the enjoyment of the site by other members)

• Swear Filter circumvention - It is OK to replace a letter with an * (or other character that does not resemble the letter it is replacing) in order to make some effort to censor is acceptable. Using spaces, periods, or other methods to circumvent is not OK.

• Inappropriate/non-PG13 pictures/posts:

The following is not allowed in avatars or photos posted on youthink.com:

1. Exposed genitalia or full frontal nudity (pubic region included)

2. Female breasts with visible nipples/areola (something needs to be covering them up)

3. Graphic depiction of a sexual act

4. Depiction of male sexual arousal

5. A person giving the bird/middle finger

6. Bypassing the swear filter

7. Depiction of drug use (paraphernalia is okay, pictures of your/a stash and/or using it is not)

8. Photographs showing extreme violence or injuries likely to offend

9. Dildos/vibrators that appear to be lifelike

10. Underaged members posting explicit/underwear pictures

11. We do not allow avatars with swastikas or other overtly racist images such as KKK.

• Posts of text which go beyond the PG13 barrier when it comes to sex acts are also not acceptable. This is a judgment call and will be reviewed by several moderators before deletion. Please respect that we want to keep this place appropriate for all users over the age of 13.

• Personal attacks. The Personal Attack rule is enforced literally when it comes to creating a Profile/Avatar/Thread/Alter or Picture for the purpose of attacking a member, and that member complains about it.

We will leave most other personal attacks to be self-policed. It is still up to our discretion though if a threat or remark goes too far in its decency (these can include but are not limited to: attacks on a member's race, gender, sexuality, and disabilities, and referring to a member as a pedophile) and will step in if absolutely necessary. We do not want to be involved in petty arguments and name-calling though, and will advise most complainants to try to settle their arguments on their own, or to just ignore the other member.

If you feel that someone is guilty of making excessive personal attacks against you that violate these rules, you should notify modbot to have a mod investigate the situation and make a decision. Just because a complaint is made, that does not mean a warning will be sent, but you will receive a reply as promptly as possible.

Please remember to include a link to the appropriate thread and/or a screenshot of the comments made.

* Link Bombs (Posts which force other members to make posts against their will, or that add a profile theme to a non-key member)[/li]

* Posting PMs (These messages are PRIVATE for a reason. Please do not post their content in a public forum.)

*Breaking threads on purpose (Any intentional action to make a thread unreadable to other members.

* Posting personal information about others (full names, addresses, phone numbers)

* Explicit comments made to underage members

* Verbally abusing modbot or a moderator during a warning. Also, do not block modbot from your private messages.


(violations of these rules will automatically lead to the banning of your account)

* Inappropriate screennames (If a word is covered by the youthink swear filter, it's not allowed in someone's name.)

* Being under 13 (Just wait to use the site until after you've turned 13. It's that simple.)

* Revealing information about the moderator forum (The mod forum isn't public for a reason. It needs to be a place where moderators can weigh in with their honest opinions.)

* Letting a banned member use your account (There's nothing wrong with a person saying "I talked to so and so on AIM, and he says 'hi' to everyone", but please do not give a banned member your password so that they can log in.)


(violations of these rules will lead to the permanent banning of your account)

* Underage Solicitation (Youthink.com has hundreds of members between the age of 13 and 17, and we want to protect said members from sexual advances. If you are over the age of 18, please do not make any sort of sexual advances towards minors, either in public or in private. Violation of this will be an automatic permanent banning of your account. Any suspicions should be sent in a private message to Modbot or directly to a site moderator. If you consider yourself to be a victim, it greatly aids discovery and action if you include screenshots or links of the offence. Of course if under-age members solicit the elder members then this will also not be tolerated.)

* P*rn (Posting OR linking to p*rn, (also do not write out the url to p*rn sites). It is okay to link to a non-PG13 site, as long as it does not contain p*rn, and as long as you warn members ahead of time the type of site that your link leads to.)

* Hacking (This includes hacking into member accounts, or intentional attempts to bring down the youthink.com site.)

Please enjoy the site, and post within these rules.

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