I am doing a fictional story of the 1st HG. If you have suggestions, let me know. I will update every now and then. Article Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Hunger Games fictional 1st Games.
I am doing a fictional story of the 1st HG. If you have suggestions, let me know. I will update every now and then.

Scene: D1

I look out at the sky, the faces of District 1's people filled with sorrow.



"Let's go!"

"Ok, I'll grab your brother."

Joey is eight. Too young to be reaped. Lucky him. Oh, I should feel happy that he's safe.But I am not worried. I actually want to volunteer. I bet I'd win. This is the first reaping of Panem.

I'm D1, so we go first.

We walk silently to the reaping. I take my place, then I notice Joey and my mother in the back. I smile, but they don't see me.

Greska Lethenthy hosts the reaping. She is tall, and has green eyes and hair. Her hair is straight and her bangs are bright orange. She's from the Capitol, so she looks freakish.

She has on a pink dress, and blue shoes. I just roll my eyes.

Then I see her proceed to the ladies reaping ball.

"Ladies First!"

I watch her dig, then, slowly as ever, reads the name.

"Nadia Iltesky"

Oh, ya.

I climb the stage and smile. I want to get sponsors, I want to win!

But my cheery mood comes to a stop, as my childhood friend, Coran Wavery, comes on the stage.

"No, no, Coran!", I whimper.

"I'm sorry,Nadia", He replies.

Coran and I were good friends, but the only positive thought is that it will strengthen our alliance, which I know he'll agree too. But he was my friend, and I can't watch him die!

But Greska is saying to shake hands, and I do so.

She escorts us in, the shock of Coran's new status still on my face.

We get time to say goodbye, but it goes by so fast.

My mom and Joey come, wishing me luck, but they understand how I feel.

" But Nadia, if you make an alliance, he'd be perfect. He wouldn't kill you, and would protect at all costs."


We finish our goodbyes, and then we are taken to the Capitol.

Levine, Kelty, and Sporra consist if my prep team. They are kind, but are just Games-obsessed Capitol citizens.

My stylist, Aria, is kinder, and honestly wants to help me.

She puts me in a gem incrusted dress.Since I'm D1, it's very easy to reflect it with luxury clothing.

Coran looks nice too, in his gem suit, and we begin our ride.

I walk over to the buffet tables with so many different food choices, and am overwhelmed.

The chariot ride was a smash hit. The crowd loved us. We took a tour of our apartment, and decided to eat dinner. I grab a plate of food, and dig in!

"When do we start training?' said Coran.

"Tomorrow. Listen, you want sponsors, so in your private sessions, show them your skills. But learn new skills, and don't show the others what you are capable of."


I watch as all the others assemble. Some are big, some are small. There's Blaze, the dark-haired, large boy from D2. His parter, Pheda, who's meduim sized.

She looks trained and smart, though.

Then the tall, blonde girl from D4. Then a little boy near her.

Then a tall, strong boy from D7.

He's around Coran's size.

But then the trainer dismises us, and we go to the knife throwing station. Turns out I'm good at it. Coran's ok, but there too small for his large hands.

Then he accels at spear throwing, which I am mediocre at.

But Coran's real talent lies within a sword. He goes into his private session, and tells me that he used it.

I am good at archery, plus I throw some knives. Overall, I'm proud of myself. Then we turn in to watch the results.

Alexei McRayo turns in. He hosts the interviews. He begins to reveal the scores:

Coran, D1, 9

We cheer him on, he got a great score!

Nadia, D1, 10

If anything, I only got slightly more appluase.

But Blaze pulls a 10, and Pheda gets an 8 .

Suddenly my 10 seems less imppresive.

I prepare for my interview. The outfit of mine consists of a pale black strapless dress, which reaches my ankles. Suddenly I am called to the stage, and the croud bursts with cheer. Alexei gives them a moment to settle, then turns to me.

"Welcome, Nadia. It is an honor to meet you. How are you preparing for the Games?"

"Well, I just practice my skills, and it comes naturally. I'm highly skilled."

"I bet so. I was impressed with your training score."

"Thank you."

We chat for a bit, then the convo. moves to Coran.

"I noticed your sadness of the selection of your district partner. Did you know him?

"Yes. He...He...was my best friend. I can't watch him die!"

"I know. And I am sorry."

The buzzer rings, and I am ushered offstage.

"Good luck" I say to Coran.

He nods.

I watch the rest of the interviews. Some are quiet, some loud, some confident, some shy. Now I'm starting to feel as if I knew my opponents. Can't let that happen.

I'm about to be led in the Games. I can only think of the tortures inside.

The End....for now

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