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Detective wolf
a killer is on thee lose but its not a human

There have been killings all over the county, so we need to figure out this case. ( said wolf ) There are 2 main Evidence parts. Including fur or hair and blade or claw marks. you forgot one in all of them they had one or more organ(s) missing from the bodies. wich means that it was more like a loose animal from a zoo or maby a wild animal.

As you can see here this man basicly eaten alive, some sort of creatrue that I can not identify. Creatrues of folklore are going to fit the profile best wich is the odd part no known animal can do this type of damge.

Hello, who is this? Is this mr.wolf? Yes this is he. You need to get the hospital your wife is having a baby. O.K. I am on my way ( the detective ran to his carbut before he could get the door opend he seen a lare wolf like creatrue) at that moment he realizedthat the killer was not a human or animal. when he awke a week later he was surronded by his family and next to him was his wife and there buetiful baby girl.

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