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The two-way street Article 1
How to prevent horrible things from happening in relationships with friends.

The biggest deal is moving. Ok, you're thinking, how is that a big deal? We can still go over to each other's houses and hang out, and facetime each other and call,email, etc. This is NOT what I'm talking 'bout. Everyone knows how to DEAL with it. I mean, c'mon, who doesn't? This is what I mean. I have a life experience to help you understand what I mean. So, this story will teach you all about the fighting. Fighting is bad, you think. It will always happen, bc you're always around them. But then you always break it up. Well, not always. One day, I came over to a friend's house. Soon later, we had a big fight. This was in the summer.She hadn't spoke to me in a while. Then, one day at the spring carnival, she was behind me in line at a ride. She was hanging out with some friends. She didn't talk to me. I said hi, and asked her why. She then brought up the fight. We waited in silence as she talked to her so-called 'friends'. She acted as if I weren't there, as if I'd never even existed, as if I was some sort of... stranger to her. With her arms crossed and leaning against the ride metal fence, she made it as if she was trying to be cool. She still wouldn't talk to me. Then, in the next few weeks, it happened. Their house was put up for sale,and they were moving. Soon, they had already moved and she still hadn't contacted me in any way possible. Then, at a basketball game, my school was playing against hers. After the game, she was crying bc she had 'gotten hurt'. But I was pretty sure she was just being a big baby or making it an excuse. By this time I had already apologized a million times already, but she hadn't yet. My mom talked to hers, since she was our old neighbor it was easier to recognize them. We talked about coming over to each other's houses, the parents did. A little bit later, I expected that she would have already came, since she had only moved a few neighborhoods down, and she had a BFF- she was mine since pre-k!- who came over every day, which I knew bc the b-ball coach was the dad of her new BFF. And I still hadn't gotten an apology from her yet.Anyways, so I have never seen her since. Anyways, my point is to be cautious with fights. Always apologize a day or two later if not ASAP. Have them apologize, too. And be really cautious if they put up a for sale sign. When the sign's up, make sure to try the best you can to break up the fight ASAP. Tune in next times for some more great tips! Hope this one helped change your point of view on friendship fights. Peace out!

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