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Awkward chapter five
A girl who find true love in blog

Well................….he kinda left a something on my test today. What. Um… his number. WHAT !! Just read the blog then get back to me find I'm asking Zack everything okay he won't tell you anything even if he hates me have you read doesn't hate you. You heard it with your own eyes Skyla I said it I said it I said it because I can go ask your perfect little boyfriend what he said or did fine then skyla leaves .annie calls mr McCartney sorry girl probs. with skyla. .well do h want to talk to me about it.no I am good and dude u gave me ur phone # why would I want to talk to u even if ur square face and u r hot.WHAT I think ur cute .Annie is in SHOCKED Annie thought to herself"I never thought a teacher would think I am cute." Well got to go,chores .by me McCartney said.the truth is Annie onley. Dd that so she could get out if this situation he called again........

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