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The Past and The Future
A 15 year old girl from the past and a 17 year old boy from the future. (Based on Guilty Crown)

The Past

Name: Ichiko Rina

Meanings: (Ichi) "only child"; (Ri) "jasmine" or "village," (na) "green"

Age: 15

I'm Ichiko Rina, I am 15 years old and will be 16 in a week. I came from America to Tokyo, Japan to study abroad. Normally, I'd go to Italy or Paris. Though, I didn't want to decline the invitation that I was accepted to go here. It's so beautiful. My mother whose Japanese gave me the name Rina. Which means, "jasmine..."

The Future

Name: Daryl Yan

Age: 17

I'm a lieutenant of the "GHQ" (Lost Christmas). My mother is deceased and so is my father. I hated how he had an affair with that stupid woman. That secretary of his. I'm nicknamed, "Daryl the Butcher" for the job that I do. It's the future here and we have these machines that we can control without being in them. May sound weird at first, but you'll get used to it. Once your using them, you can actually feel the urge and confidence of fighting. I'm a sadistic kind of guy with two split personalities. The other personality is me being playful and caring.

*Ichiko Rina*

"Rina! Hurry up, aren't we going to the goukon (karaoke bar)?" Hana shouted to me.

I run down the stairs and to my shoe box. I took off my school shoes and put on my outside ones and ran to Hana. "Sorry for letting you wait." I panted.

She laughed, "It's fine, your always like this anyways. Let's go!"

We walked out of the school entrance and there were a group of girls standing there squealing and fawning over someone. Probably a boy. Hana nudged me and said, "Let's see what's going on."

"Um yeah." I replied.

We checked over there. And there stood a gorgeous blonde with blue eyes. One of the fawning girls squeaked, "He must be a foreigner!"

"No, more like a model."

"He's probably waiting for a girl here at this school!"

"So handsome, maybe I should ask him out.."

The fan girls chattered a lot and the boy looked annoyed, but didn't dare to say anything back. He was leaned back against the gate brick wall. Hana who is a former Yankee (delinquent for a female), went up to the female students and said, "Oi, you're all in the way and it's irritating to see all of you in one spot. Maybe I can take all of you out."

Hana cracks her knuckles and the girls scurried away. I replied, "Thanks, Hana."

"Anytime for my friend, Rina. Now I've got a feeling that boy wants to talk to you so I'm guessing that I should leave." Hana said.

"Eh?" I replied confused.

"Good luck with the boy." Hana rolled her eyes and left me alone with him.

As soon as I got into his view, his hands trembled as he touched my hand. Is this the first time he touched a girl? He replied, "Sorry."

He grabbed my hand and we ran away from the school and into a house... my house, I wanted to ask him about how he knew where I lived. Though, looks like he wants to be the one speaking to me instead. Or mostly do all the talking. I asked him, "Who are you?"

He let go of my hand and answered, "My apologies.. I am Daryl Yan. And you're Ichiko Rina, right?"

"Yes, that's my name of course. I won't ask you about you how you know, but do you happen to be related to Ryuunosuke Yan?" I asked him.

Daryl's hands clenched into a fist and he answered, "Yes, I am."

"Then you must be his..." I said without thinking.

He interrupted me and blurted out, "I'm not his brother. I'm his son and your son. You're my mother. I came from the future and I came to the past to see you."

My eyes went blank and I was speechless. He explained everything to me about the future or whatever dimension he lives in. I didn't know what to say. Am I alive in the future.. or no? I turned to him and demanded, "Why in the world did you come here?"

"To see you." He answered.

I spat, "Those are all lies! You're probably going to try and meet up with your father and tell him how you feel. Or go around and hurt other people which will effect there future."

I was so angry and furious with him. His calm face turned to a twisted sadistic one and he snarled, "There are many things that you don't know, mother. I came here with a reason. And I'll stay until I finish up with what I have to tell you."

I calmed and said, "Something about you reminds me of Ryuunosuke. You're just like him, so terribly strict. That soft side of yours is probably me. So, Ryuu and I are the ones that created you. And you told me something about an infection in the future.. what's that about? What does it have to do with here?"

"Mother, you don't see any random comet hitting down on Earth and once you touch it, you'll get infected by it. The little crystals.. the purple crystals will bury you and then you'll shatter into nothing. That's what caused the infection in the future. Father and I work in the GHQ to protect and destroy all those who were infected.." He answered.

"Why destroy the innocent that are infected? Don't you have vaccines there? It's not like you'll get any for where I am. And it wouldn't be possible too. Since you couldn't bring something from the past and into the future to begin with. But destroying is madness!" I gasped.

"You don't get it, do you? You don't realize how many lives that I've token away. It felt right, but there's this one girl that I couldn't hurt. I didn't want her to get hurt at all." He murmured.

I gave him a warm smile and said, "That one girl, you must really like her. And you'll be willing to protect her. That's very nice of you. You may be cruel and narcissistic, but you're a nice guy."

I hugged him and he relaxed even more then before. Tears welled up in his face and he said, "I missed you, mom. You don't know how much I had to stay up living without you."

Now, I know my future. I give birth to a boy that I'll never get to see grow up. And I end up not living to be in the same world as he is in, nor his father. I cried with him and he cried, "He forgot.. he forgot.. he hates me.."

I hugged him longer and I knew that my time would be up for hugging him too long. I kissed my son, Daryl's head and said softly, "We'll meet again some time. Don't worry my precious son."

I pulled away and dropped my necklace in his palm and closed it. I thought, "I don't even know your birthday, but here's a present from me to you.. happy birthday, Daryl."

It was night and the full moon was up. I looked up and said, "Have a safe trip, Daryl Yan."

A few minutes passed and I asked to myself, "Whose Daryl Yan?"

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