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Decision (Run Away series) part 2A
A 19 year old girl name Ella who wants to choose between her parents and her boyfriend.

Ella's father stared at her calmly, mother loosened her grip, my little sister also stared at me waiting for the answer, and so did Joshua. Joshua looked at me with those eyes. Those pleading eyes telling me that I should be with him. I love him, but do I love him enough?

I spoke slowly, "I need some time for this."

"I'll give you 3 minutes." Father said.

I shook my head and replied, "That's not enough time."

Joshua said calmly, "Give her more time."

My father glared at Josh. I pleaded, "Don't fight. He hasn't done anything wrong."

Mother said, "Fine, we'll give you time. But as long as you don't think of-"

My little sister caught her off saying, "Mother? Father?"

Father's face softened from Emma's voice. So did mother's too. They both escorted Emma out. Emma mouthed, "Go, big sister. Go and follow your dreams with him."

She gave me that warm smile and I started to have confidence again. I turned to Josh and he waited patiently by my side. I can hear mother and father's footsteps coming down the hall and into here. They came in and I said, "The decision's been made."

"Go on and tell us." Both of my parents said.

My voice was hesitant. I said slowly, "I'm sorry Josh, but I'm going to stay with my parents. They'll be able to find the right finance for me."

Josh's face fell and I felt heart broken from that. My father said, "You heard her, kid. Now get out."

Josh left from the front door. I was ashamed, yet I yearned for him. Night came and I was dressed up in clothes that I haven't worn before. I heard a small noise hitting my window. I opened it and saw Josh. He grinned and said, "I'm not giving you up that easily."

I giggled, "I know that. And I'm not letting you go too."

I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. I wrote down a small letter and left it on the bed. Josh waited with spread arms out to catch me, I fell down into his arms and we hugged smiling and laughing together. He kissed my nose and said, "Let's go."

Sorry, mother. Sorry, father. I don't care if I made the wrong choice or not. I love him. And he loves me. Even if, you separate us, we'll be able to find each other again. We're one of a kind.

My hand and Josh's hand intertwined. He held me a bit, set me down, and we ran. We ran until we couldn't see the house anymore. We stopped in a meadow, where we met as kids. I remembered now, I can't believe that I forgot about that memory. We were childhood friends, but our parents hated each other. Something like Romeo and Juliet, I don't want it to be like that, I'd like it to be a nice happy ending for us.

We laid there in the grass, surrounded by flowers, underneath the moonlit sky. Josh kissed my fingers on my left hand. He knelt down beside me asking, "Will you marry me?"

My heart went crazy. He opened the small box and I was covering my mouth with both of my hands. I was shocked, yet happy. He was mine. And I was his. We belong together. I loved him so much. He loved me too. We were perfect. The ring was there in that small box. Small things come in big surprises. I opened my heart to him and only him. Thank you, Emma.

Tears streamed down my red cheeks and I said, "Yes. Yes!"

He replied, "Thank you for accepting this, Isabelle. My Ella."

He held me. He kissed me. I love him. Thank you for being there for me. I said to him, "I love you."

"I love you too." He replied.

We lived far away from them. Soon after that, up roar. My parents finally gave in and accepted out fate together. I didn't destroy my family's name after all. They still loved me for whoever I picked. That's how my mother got my father. Quite a coincidence, don't you think. Well my father agreed to let us get married. And we had a happy life a head of us.

The End

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