An editorial I'm writing currently for my high school newspaper
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Excuses? What Excuses?
An editorial I'm writing currently for my high school newspaper Enjoy!

I’m in class, just finishing up my chapter test, when suddenly I hear two kids talking, one says “Dude, your team got raped last night,” then the memories come back.

I was 12 years old wanting to watch Batman The Brave and The Bold, and my idol, my 17 year old sister, sat me down and told me something that hurt the Burky family deep. One year earlier, my sister had been date raped by her boyfriend. The same guy who helped me in my pokemon game and would play pokemon with me, who I thought was my friend, and he hurt my sister. It still haunts me, I mean, what if while I had been playing gamecube it had happened. I feel almost guilty knowing that I was having fun and something like that happened. To make matters worse, it happened not even a year after my sister was diagnosed with cancer.

It’s just ridiculous how much we carelessly toss around sexually abusive phrases like rape. One cannot even fathom the emotional pain that someone experiences through a tragedy like that; and it’s like people don’t even care that they say it or that we’re just being too sensitive.

I mean, I know everything can and will offend someone and we can’t always watch what we say, but I really think the way students and the public in general uses ‘rape’ is ridiculous and inexcusable.

All they do is just bring back emotions and haunting moments and people overlook it. I’ve had about enough of it.

The 2010 hit movie Kick-Ass further proves this when the main character Dave Lizewski is beaten by thugs and has his superhero costume stolen and is left completely naked. When he’s found the police come to the conclusion that he was raped and after that news spreads kids at his school start treating him like crap instead of helping him. I know that’s an extreme example but generally that’s how the public (*cough cough* teenagers *cough*) treat someone once going through a traumatic experience.

You bombed, failed, fell flat, lost, unsuccessful, disappointing, and you chose raped? I mean, what’s so funny about it? Is it funny that someone was sexually abused? Is it funny that they’ll go through years and years of emotional pain?

In fact 57% of rapes happen on a date and 38% of the women raped are 14-17. Wait.....WHAT? 14-17? That means there’s a chance that happened to someone walking through these halls right now has gone through this, I mean, my sister was only 15. So do you think it’s still funny? Is it still cool to make fun of someone raped or carelessly use the word rape? Or do you still think it’s funny?

Please, let me hear your counter argument. I would love to hear your excuses on why you think it’s okay to say these. I’m all ears. I’m not trying to sound condescending. I just want people to see how emotionally hurtful those words can be.

Don’t say those colloquialisms because what if your sister is raped, How would it feel? I want to know why it’s okay for people to make fun of rape, even though it’s something that causes me to tear up everytime I think about it, even though my sister has gone through therapy for what happened. Please, serenade me with your excuses.

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