She also had depression at the same time, I'm here to tell you my story because I want people to know that have friends who are Transgendered people, you are not alone. Here's my story.  Article Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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I had a friend who was a Transgender.....
She also had depression at the same time, I'm here to tell you my story because I want people to know that have friends who are Transgendered people, you are not alone. Here's my story.

I met this girl [name changed for privacy reasons] named Dianna. She was a cheerful, joking, and a very energetic and outgoing girl. She had many friends and never seemed to be down. I met her in grade 9 when I was dealing with some issues myself and she kind of helped me get through it. I felt like we were best of friends, like we connected. One time in grade ten, someone thought it was funny to take her lock and put it on someone elses lock. So, Dianna got mad and tried to get her lock off. The girl who owned the locker beside who's lock got twhined with Dianna's, came up to her and yelled;

" GET AWAY FROM MY LOCKER!" Dianna tried really quick to get her lock off of hers.

" Just wait, I'm trying to get my lock off of yours." But without a thought, without a care, the other girl took her big hands, smacked it on Dianna's back and pulled her away. Dianna started coughing and crying at the same time. She ran all the way to the bathroom and sat at the enterance. I started yelling at this girl, telling how wrong it was, I even asked her what the heck her problem was. After I had my little scream fest, I ran into the bathroom and saw her sitting near the enterance. I looked at her, and with a worried face I asked;

" Dianna, are you ok?" Still coughing and crying, she answered;

" No!" I sat beside her and comforted her by hugging her and rocking her a bit. The girl who did this to her got into trouble and got an in-school suspension (I think.)

During the rest of the year, she kept saying that she was bi-sexual and a few times had had a crush on me, and I the same. In grade ten and in lower grades, I never really understood about the whole gay, bi-sexual, and lesbian stuff. I only knew that gays (guys) liked the same sex, bi-sexuals (guys and girls) liked both sexes, and lesbians (girls) liked the same sex as them. I never fully understood what it meant to be one or what it felt like. And having a crush on her a couple of times scared me.

She started becoming a Transgender during the second semester in grade ten near the end of the year and I supported her ALL the way with it, but having to see her sometimes freaked me out. She started dressing like a boy, talking like a boy (her voice deepened) and she even started wearing chest binders (chest binders are what flatten your chest so that it looks like you don't have any breasts). When people figured it out, they started teasing her, and it got worse in grade eleven. She started developing depression and told me many times that she wanted to kill herself and the reason why she had developed depression. People called her names, threw things at her, and never really wanted to be her friend. She started acting out to the point where our friends didn't want to be her friends and I was stuck between them and Dianna. She gave herself a new name [again, changed for privacy reasons] which was Jordon. People kept teasing and teasing her, but I was always there for her and tried talking her out of commuting suicide. She was even close to death once. She told me that she took a belt and tied it on a doorknob and put her head through it to kind of hang herself. She said that she was on the verge of dying when the belt broke and she fell on the floor, falling asleep. She cut herself REALLY bad and it started in grade ten. She went to CHEO a couple of times for it and had to stay there for a couple of days, maybe even weeks until she was better.

I also had depression and was in the same position as her when I was in grade eight and in grade nine. So, having to feel what she felt, and having to know what she thought about the world and life was scary. It got me upset to the point where my depression came back and I couldn't take it no more. So, I asked her to go and get help because she REALLY needed it more than anything else in the world. The day she said that she was finally gonna get help, made me smile the biggest smile knowing that she finally listened to me. She had a gf but had to break up with her because of all the reasons every single teacher had said in my school to me. Teachers did convince me, but stuck by her until she went and got help. The last time I spoke to her, she was still cutting but not as much and se was doing a bit better.

So, to anyone that's dealing with someone who is a Transgender. Just know that it will all be ok in the end and to just stick by him/her no matter what. Even if people say no, still stick by them because that's what they need is a friend and moral support. People like Dianna do NOT deserve to be left alone like that, they deserve a friend who's gonna be there for them. And if they start to develop depression, just help them through it and find other options to take out the sadness. You are NOT ALONE in this. And if you need help, you can ALWAYS message me on here or check my profile for my e-mail. I will be HAPPY to help. But, don't forget, there's also teachers and adults that ca help you through this tough time! :)

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